About Us

The Miso Philosophy

At Miso Digital, our goal is to empower artists and provide them with valuable tools & resources to create meaningful, long-lasting relationships with their fans. In a world of shortened attention spans and infinite amounts of music to choose from, it's become increasingly difficult for artists to connect with consumers and grow their fanbase. Miso Digital aims to solve these challenges by providing artists with ways to increase fan connections, analyze fan data, and drive digital revenue.

Music + Technology is our passion and our goal is to work with artists that want to take their relationship with fans to the next level. We'll build you online properties that allow you to sell digital and physical media, merch, tickets, fan club memberships, and anything else you can think of, without a middleman. We’ll also continually work with you day-to-day on developing comprehensive digital marketing campaigns and administering fan management, so you can focus on what you do best, create and perform your music.

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